We are IndusTree

We are dutch industriambiexperimenoisewave band IndusTree. There are only two people in this outfit: Guaka and Scarum. Both originating from the southeast of the Netherlands, we now live in the city of Nijmegen in the middle-east of the low country. We met many years ago and by chance (and much alcohol and some green stuff) Scarum kissed Guaka's hand in return for eternal life.
Upon our reunion, we started spending nights together in Guaka's haunt, scraping hollow electric noises out of metal boxez. Within half a year we were performing and the first steps were made. What came next is more easily displayed by the following:

the beginning

long time ago
Scarum kisses K's hand to live forever

K meets Scarum again

24.10gig @ farm
30.10gig @ dio

vivaAbsurda @ rataplanRadio
31.3projectSpiralStaircase @ adWaal.dio
22.4gig @ dio(Roos)
20.5gig @ merleyn
30.7gig @ dio
18.8gig @ cc.kun.nl
20.12music @ mp3.com (old link)

InDustRadio @ rataplanRadio
2L84US (old link):=created
25.9XtReactor'99 @ willemeen.arnhem.nl



Our Name

The name IndusTree is a contraction of three words:

Tree and
We chose this name because we think the Western industrial civilisation, that has the Indus Valley as one of the places where it started, is now growing it's industrial and economical branches so wide across the globe, that one time there won't be any original trees left.

Our hope is that there will sprout a new tree upon those industrial wastelands.

By the way, there are other IndusTrees in the world, with not necessarily the same views about the word IndusTree:

Dutch company that produces cable modems
Indus Tree Crafts
Furniture, toys, textiles, carpets, stationery & gifts.

This is a short (and incomplete) overview of the shows we've done:

24.10.97gig @ farm.geleen.nl
30.10.97gig @ dio.nijmegen.nl
31.3.98projectSpiralStaircase @ adWaal.dio.nijmegen.nl (bewerking Orpheus-mythe/"Thebe"-G. Achterberg)
22.4.98gig @ dio(Roos'98).nijmegen.nl
15.5.98openAirChillSession @ outside.kun.nl/withRon
20.5.98gig @ merleyn.nijmegen.nl
30.7.98gig @ dio.nijmegen.nl
18.8.98gig @ cc.kun.nl
20.12.98music @ mp3.com
25.9.99gig @ XtReactor'99 @ willemeen.arnhem.nl
11.3.00gig @ Flexival'00 @ kraakpand.nijmegen.nl
22.3.00gig @ Doornroosje(Roos'00).nijmegen.nl
25.10.00studio @ Lab13.nijmegen.nl
05.07.01gig @ dio.nijmegen.nl
18.12.01DiscussionConcert @ KoninklijkConservatorium.DenHaag.nl