This website is a platform for new and exciting electronic music. This site is also dedicated to experimental electronica band IndusTree.
Here you'll find music by IndusTree as well as other affiliated artists.
After 7 years (1996 - 2003) of being the weirdest outfit in the whole of East-Netherlands, IndusTree has been on hiatus. Maybe one day IndusTree will be re-activated...

IndusTree are Scarum and Guaka (as well as a host of one-time collaborators and friends).

And Along The Waterline by CausaliDox

4:14 minutes (9.69 MB)

On The Verge Of A Major Breakthrough by CausaliDox

2:56 minutes (6.71 MB)

Finally online

Next month become half a year, but we did switch our 10 year old PHP garble to Drupal. Not all tracks are available yet but we'll put up everything that was once around. Plus all the IT files we can find.

And Scarum might add some new Causalidox stuff as well...

Revamping industree.org

I decided to finally start working on a Drupal version of industree.org. We will probably be able to release it next month.

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